Laura Abbott Clinical Instructor
Candiss Addison Business Manager II
Peggy Albers Professor
Paul Alberto Dean
Omer Ari Clinical Assistant Professor
Mary Ariail Associate Professor
Jeff Ashby Professor
Kashira A. Baker Administrative Coordinator
Shannon Barrett-Williams Clinical Assistant Professor
Nermin Bayazit Clinical Assistant Professor
Gracie Beavers Assistant Professor
Nadia Behizadeh Assistant Professor
Gwendolyn Benson Clinical Associate Professor
Jami Royal Berry Clinical Assistant Professor
Ruchi Bhatnagar Clinical Assistant Professor
Uzma Bhatti Educational Technology Specialist
Gary Bingham Associate Professor
Lauren Boden Clinical Instructor
Chara Bohan Associate Professor
Deron Boyles Professor
Greg Brack Associate Professor
Leslie Brandon Professor
Lee Branum-Martin Associate Professor
Reginald G. Brewer PC Systems Manager
Sarah Bridges-Rhoads Assistant Professor
Natasha Brison Clinical Assistant Professor
David Brown Administrative Coordinator
Anita Bryant Program Specialist - Georgia's Troops to Teachers
Kristen Buras Associate Professor
Janet Zaleski Burns Clinical Associate Professor
Brendan Calandra Associate Professor
Patricia Carter Clinical Associate Professor
Iman Chahine Assistant Professor
Catherine (Catharina) Chang Professor
Yunkyung Chang-Hoffman assistant director of international programs
E. Namisi Chilungu Clinical Assistant Professor
Jayoung Choi Clinical Assistant Professor
Beth Cianfrone Associate Professor
Jonathan Cohen Assistant Professor
Nannette Commander Professor
Thomas Crisp Assistant Professor
Stephanie Behm Cross Assistant Professor
William Curlette Professor
Sam Daniel PC Systems Specialist, Lead
Don Davis Assistant Professor
Cirleen DeBlaere Assistant Professor
Kadir Demir Associate Professor
Brian Dew Associate Professor
Franco Dispenza Assistant Professor
Andrea Dixon Associate Professor
Caitlin McMunn Dooley Associate Professor
J. Andrew Doyle Associate Professor
LaTonya Drayden Data Administrator
LaTonya Drayden Data Administrator
Carrie Dumas Staff Assistant
Sue Duncan Executive Director
Chantee Earl Clinical Assistant Professor
Susan Easterbrooks Professor
Rebecca Ellis Associate Professor
Judith Emerson Clinical Assistant Professor
Jennifer Esposito Associate Professor
Darius Evans Administrative Coordinator
Joseph Feinberg Associate Professor
Rhina Fernandes Williams Clinical Assistant Professor
Jose Ferrell PC Systems Specialist
Rachel Fiore Clinical Assistant Professor
Teresa Fisher Clinical Assistant Professor
Amy Seely Flint Professor
Kim Ford Staff Assistant
Laurie Forstner Project Coordinator
Kevin Fortner Assistant Professor
Janice Fournillier Associate Professor
Laura Fredrick Professor
Peggy Gallagher Professor
MaryAnne Gaunt Associate Director of the Principals Center
Mark Geil Associate Professor
Dennis Gilbride Professor
Matt Gillett Administrative Officer
Benjamin Goerger Assistant Professor
Daphne Greenberg Professor
Barbara Greene Clinical Instructor
Rachel Gurvitch (Gurewicz) Associate Professor
Glenda Haliburton College Human Resources Officer
Katara Harding Administrative Assistant
Stephen Harmon Professor
Lynn Hart Professor
Heather Henley Sr. Administrative Coordinator, Human Resources
Joseph Hill, Ph.D., LPC, CRC Clinical Assistant Professor
Teri Holbrook Associate Professor
David Houchins Professor
Christopher Ingalls Professor
Miles Irving Associate Professor
Shea Johnson Academic Advisor
Kristine Jolivette Professor
Randy Jones Director, Information Systems and Technology
Robert (Randy) Jones Director
Ashtria Jordan Business Manager II
Pier Angeli Junor Clarke Clinical Associate Professor
James Kahrs Clinical Assistant Professor
Bejanae Kareem STEM Project Coordinator
Jodi Kaufmann Associate Professor
Gwendolyn Ann Kearney Administrative Coordinator - Grants
Nancy Keita Director
John Kesner Associate Professor
Joyce E. King Professor ,
Wanjira Kinuthia Associate Professor
Ann Cale Kruger Associate Professor
Katharine (Katie) Kurumada Clinical Assistant Professor
Kyong-Ah Kwon Associate Professor
Richard Lakes Professor
Jacqueline Laures-Gore Associate Professor
Amy Lederberg Professor
Michelle Lee Administrative Coordinator
Shonda Lemons-Smith Clinical Assistant Professor
Audrey Leroux Assistant Professor
Diane Levy Clinical Assistant Professor
Tisha Y. Lewis Assistant Professor
Hongli Li Assistant Professor
Shelley Linens Assistant Professor
Katie Lowry Business Manager
Jacalyn Lund Professor
Heather Lynch Clinical Assistant Professor
Crystal Maddox College Finance Officer
Ollie Manley Part-time Instructor
Joyce Many Associate Dean of Undergraduate Studies and Educator Preparation
Toni Marcovecchio College Technology Coordinator
Mona Matthews Professor
Laura May Assistant Professor
Ewa McGrail Associate Professor
Debra McKeown Assistant Professor
Tracy McKinney Clinical Assistant Professor
Michelle McKnight Administrative Assistant
Gabriela McNicoll Assistant Director
J. Esha McTizic Administrative Coordinator
Hillary Meister Web Coordinator
Tim Merritt Educational Technology Specialist
Michael Metzler Professor
Joel Meyers Professor
Barbara Meyers Associate Professor
Claire Miller Public Relations Specialist
Gholnecsar Muhammad Assistant Professor
Colleen O’Rourke Associate Professor
Susan Ogletree Director, Educational Research Bureau
Jonathan Orr Clinical Assistant Professor
Chris Oshima Professor
Jeff Otis Assistant Professor
DaShaunda Patterson Clinical Assistant Professor
Nicole Patton Terry Associate Professor
Tyanne Pethel Director of the Office of Field Placements
Brenda Pitts Professor
Anton Puvirajah Assistant Professor
Jamillah R. Administrative Coordinator, Sr.
Mary Rambow Clinical Instructor
Maggie Renken Assistant Professor
Kenneth Rice Professor
Robert Rice Clinical Assistant Professor
Hayward Richardson Clinical Assistant Professor
Andrew Roach Associate Professor
Stephen Rosner Business Services Officer
Nick Sauers Assistant Professor
Ruth Saxton Clinical Associate Professor
Nancy Jo Schafer Clinical Assistant Professor
Debra Schober-Peterson Clinical Associate Professor
Renee’ Schwartz Associate Professor
Deborah Shapiro Associate Professor
Mary B. Shoffner Associate Professor
Phyllislorena Smiley Administrative Coordinator
Stephanie Smith Associate Professor
David Stinson Associate Professor
Adrienne Stuckey Clinical Instructor
Jennifer Sukanek Admissions Specialist
Caroline C. Sullivan Clinical Assistant Professor
Tricia Sumpter Associate Professor
Courtney Sutton Clinical Instructor
K. Journey Swafford Associate Project Director
Susan Lee Swars Associate Professor
Carla Tanguay Clinical Instructor
Christine D. Thomas Associate Professor
Sharren Thomas Clinical Assistant Professor
Walter R. Thompson Regents' Professor and Associate Dean for Graduate Studies and Research ,
Shaleen Tibbs Administrative Coordinator
Gertrude Marilyn Tinker Sachs Associate Professor
Jacqueline Towson Clinical Instructor
Stephen Truscott Associate Professor
Diane Truscott Associate Professor
Christopher Tullis Assistant Professor
Angela Turk Director of Communications
Dwayne Turner PC Systems Specialist, Lead
Eva van Leer Assistant Professor
Kristen Varjas Professor
Stacey Wallen Clinical Assistant Professor
Yinying Wang Assistant Professor
Julie Washington Professor
Holbert White IT Specialist, Intermediate
Brian Williams Clinical Associate Professor
Brett Wong Assistant Professor
Carla Woods Academic Advisor III
Jianhua Wu Assistant Professor
Karen Zabrucky Professor
Melissa Zeligman Assistant Professor
Chenyi Zhang Assistant Professor
Yali Zhao Associate Professor
Michelle Zoss Assistant Professor
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