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Global Partners

International Partnerships

The College of Education has more than 20 International Cooperation Agreements, which enable active partnerships in 14 countries. These partnerships allow faculty, students and staff to participate in a full range of activities and experiences, including joint research, teaching exchanges, student and faculty exchanges, and study abroad experiences.

To initiate an International Cooperation Agreement, please contact Yunkyung Chang-Hoffman.

For more information about guidelines and procedures for Georgia State University’s International Partnership Agreements, click here.

Exchange Agreements

The College of Education currently has exchange agreements with the following international universities:

  • China – Sichuan Normal University
  • Korea – Sookmyung Women’s University
  • Turkey – Ege University; Bahçeşehir Üniversitesi’s Faculty of Educational Sciences
  • Denmark – University College UCC
  • Switzerland – Zurich University
  • Spain – Universidad de Alcala
  • Norway – Oslo University College, Faculty of Education and International Studies

Memoranda of Cooperation

The College of Education currently has memoranda of cooperation with the following international universities:

  • South Africa – University of Stellenbosch, Gandhi Development Trust
  • Mozambique – Universidade Pedagogica
  • The Netherlands – HAN University
  • Korea – Seoul National University
  • Ethiopia – Adama University
  • Sweden – Linkoping University
  • Greece – University of Patras
  • Vietnam – Consortium to Advance School Psychology in Vietnam (CASP-V)
  • United States - Indiana University of Pennsylvania
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