CEHD Alumni Profiles

The College of Education & Human Development has produced thousands of qualified professionals who have made a positive impact on the field of education. Click the stories below to read more about some of our outstanding alumni.

Featured Profile – Valerie Jones

Along with CEHD alumnus Pauline Henry (B.S.E. ’95), President Barack Obama named Valerie Jones (M.Ed. ’03) a recipient of this year’s Presidential Award for Excellence in Mathematics Teaching — the nation’s highest honor for teachers of mathematics and science.

Jones has been an educator for 15 years, most recently serving for four years as a pre-algebra, algebra and geometry teacher for sixth through eighth graders at the Ron Clark Academy in Atlanta.  She uses a flipped classroom teaching model and incorporates performing arts, real-world connections and video games into lessons.

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Alumni Profiles

Alumni Profile – Valerie Jones

President Barack Obama named CEHD alum Valerie Camille Jones a recipient of this year’s Presidential Award for Excellence in Mathematics Teaching.

Alumni Profile - Darryl Holloman

On the heels of his one-year anniversary as Georgia State’s Dean of Students, CEHD alumnus Darryl Holloman shares his challenges and accomplishments.

Alumni Profile - Tameeka Hunter

CEHD alumnus Tameeka Hunter was recently appointed the Director of the Disability Resource Center at Clayton State University.

Michael Popkin (M.Ed. '75, Ph.D. '80)

As a father of two, a longtime family therapist and founder of Active Parenting Publishers – an Atlanta-based company that develops web-based and online educational tools for moms and dads – Michael Popkin (M.Ed. ’75, Ph.D. ’80) knows full well that parenting isn’t easy. So he decided to write a how-to manual for desparate families called, “Taming the Spirited Child: Strategies for Parenting Challenging Children Without Breaking Their Spirits.”

Anthony Stinson (M.Ed. ’86, Ed.S. ’96)

Some little boys, when you ask them, will claim that they want to be professional athletes when they grow up. Or firemen. Or superheroes. When Anthony Stinson (M.Ed. ’86, Ed.S. ’96) was a child, he knew what he wanted to be: a teacher.

Karin Korb (M.S. '03)

Karin Korb (M.S. ’03) was an active do-gooder long before she’d devoted her adult life to lifting others up, the kind of person who, as a child, invited the homeless to her house for meals, became the first altar girl in the state of New Jersey and even thought about becoming a nun. But when she broke her back at 17 while practicing a routine gymnastics vault and lost the use of both of her legs, it cemented the notion that her life would have a special purpose.

Carolyn Hall (Ed.S. '93)

Carolyn Hall (Ed.S. ’93) has dedicated her life to making a difference in children’s lives. She spent the bulk of her career in south central Los Angeles, working for 16 years in the sprawling Los Angeles Unified School District, the second-largest school system in the country. She then moved more than 2,000 miles to Georgia, where she spent a stint in suburban Atlanta as the principal of two Cobb County elementary schools.