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Alumni Network

The College of Education Alumni Network of colleagues and friends share a commitment to leadership in education and are dedicated to advancing social and professional opportunities for its members. The College of Education Alumni Network also promotes the mission of Georgia State by establishing beneficial relations between the college and its alumni and supporting students through academic scholarships and development.

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Our Focus

  • To cultivate strong relationships between the College of Education and its alumni
  • To establish programs and events that benefit College of Education Alumni Network members
  • To strengthen and enhance the value of a Georgia State education
  • To enlighten and encourage students to establish giving patterns and become actively involved in Alumni Association programs
  • To encourage communication and cooperation among the Alumni Office and other university departments

College of Education By the Numbers

  • More than 100 Student-Alumni Mentorships
  • More Than 36,000 College of Education Alumni Worldwide
  • 40+ Alumni Network Sponsored Programs & Events Annually
  • The College of Education graduates more than 1,200 students each year

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Growing in Value

The College of Education Alumni Network is growing –not just tin membership but in value. In addition to our current programming, we are developing a blend of programs and services designed to enhance the student and alumni experience. As we continue to expand our offerings, you will enjoy even more new and innovative member benefits designed to keep you meaningfully engaged, connected to one another and supportive of your alma mater.