Professional Education Faculty

The Professional Education Faculty is a multidisciplinary team committed to teaching, research, and service in partnership with school and community agencies. It is comprised of faculty from the College of Education & Human Development and from the College of Arts and Sciences and representatives of P-16 Partner Schools who are responsible for the preparing of educators at the initial and advanced levels. Its mission is to prepare educators as leaders, thinkers, and change agents who are grounded in theory, content, and practice.

Programs are proposed, provided, and evaluated in accordance with the PEF’s Conceptual Framework.

The National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE) accredits the Professional Education Faculty, and the State of Georgia Professional Standards Commission approves its programs.

To see the Professional Education Faculty bylaws, click here.

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To view the committee membership list for the Professional Education Faculty, click here: Professional Education Faculty Committees 2015-2016