Dissertation Defense – Firat Sarsar

March 24, 2014 @ 2:00 pm – 4:00 pm
College of Education, room 211
30 Pryor Street Southwest
Georgia State University, Atlanta, GA 30303

The Effectiveness of Emotional Motivational Feedback Messages in Online Learning
by Firat Sarsar

Feedback is an important technique for learning and it has been recognized as responses to students’ behaviors, tasks, assignments, and outcomes. Feedback in learning gives opportunities to students to see their learning path and also highlights their footsteps behind them. Feedback is also an indicator for teachers to see how their students understand the concepts and how much they learn. This study defines Emotional Motivational Feedback Messages as feedback messages which includes motivational strategies and emotional content for motivating and encouraging students to learn more and focus on the specific topic. This study investigates the effectiveness of emotional motivational feedback message with the following research question. What are the effects of emotional motivational feedback in online learning environment?

This research was designed to understand the impact of emotional motivational feedback messages and motivational feedback messages on students by adhering to rigorous embedded mixed method single case study design. In this study, the Course Interest Survey and the Survey on Attitudes towards Information Technology were employed to collect quantitative data. The open-ended questionnaires, teachers’ memos, e-mail messages and discussion/forum postings were used to gather a qualitative set of data. Results showed that Emotional Motivational Feedback Message affected many different areas of student learning such as students’ motivation, attitudes, emotion; students’ view on feedback, instructor; and personalization process, students’ experiences.