In Education

Playing for Keeps

Posted On August 5, 2014

Professor Olga Jarrett has been studying recess since the late 1990s and has written extensively on its benefits, which range from increased physical activity to the development of social skills.

Preventing Cyberbullying

Posted On July 7, 2014

Kristen Varjas and Joel Meyers discuss cyberbullying and offer resources to all who face the task of teaching children proper digital citizenship.

Summer in the City

Posted On June 23, 2014

Clinical Assistant Professor Shannon Barrett-Williams offers tips for keeping children and teens healthy and active during those hot summer months.

Literary Graffiti

Posted On June 23, 2014

Garfield Bright’s love for words and his innate ability to help others make connections spills into other facets of his life, including his time as a recording artist, a teacher and a doctoral student.

Associate Professor Nicole Patton Terry Goes to Washington...for a workshop on neuroscience and learning: via @gsucoe 4 hours ago