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One of the best ways to learn about the world is to study abroad. From the Netherlands to Morocco, South Africa to Brazil, the College of Education & Human Development’s faculty lead study abroad trips all over the world. Experience vistas and villages in far-off lands, learn about cultures outside of your own, taste native cuisine and meet new people.

Our professors, listed below, lead the listed excursions. Click on their name for contact info if you need more information.

Oh, the places you can go

Spring 2015  Department  Country
Laura Meyers ECEE Netherlands
Iman Chahine MSE Morocco
Iman Chahine MSE South Africa (SA-STAP)
Mary Ariail MSE France
Gary Bingham ECEE Norway
Caroline Sullivan MSE Denmark
Laura Meyers ECEE China
Jianhua (Jerry) Wu KH China
Summer 2015  
John Kesner ECEE Spain
Iman Chahine MSE Brazil
Pier Junor Clarke MSE Jamaica
Gholnecsar Muhammad MSE France
Exchange Programs  
John Kesner ECEE Spain
Laura Meyers ECEE Switzerland

Sara Schuh, a second-year graduate student in the College of Education & Human Development, won this year’s Study Abroad Student of the Year award.

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CEHD’s study abroad program schedule

China Study Abroad Program – Early Childhood and Elementary Education

Sweden Study Abroad Program

  • March
  • Courses: ECEE 4700 or ECEE 8000
  • Program Director: Dr. Lynn Hart
Spain Study Abroad Program – “Exploring the Impact of Historical and Cultural Contexts on the Spanish Education System”

  • May 9 – 23, 2015
  • Courses: ECEE 4700 or ECEE 8000
  • Application Deadline: Feb. 16, 2014
  • Program Director: Dr. John Kesner
Norway Study Abroad Program – “Issues in International Education”

Korea Study Abroad Program (S.A.P.P.) – Early Childhood and Elementary Education

China Study Abroad Program – Sport and Exercise Science

European Sport Business Industry Study Abroad Program (the Netherlands, Germany, Austria and Switzerland)

Aboriginal Mathematical Literacies- Ouro Preto, Brazil

  • Dates of the trip: Summer
  • Course: EDMT 8820/MATH 7400
  • Contact: Dr. Iman Chahine,

Embracing Indigenous Knowledge Systems- Johannesburg, South Africa

  • Dates of the trip: Fall
  • Course: EDMT 3420/MATH 7821
  • Contact: Dr. Iman Chahine,

Ethnomathematics in Morocco- Fez, Morocco

  • Dates of the trip: Spring
  • Course: EDMT 8420 / MATH 3350
  • Contact: Dr. Iman Chahine,

Field Trip Experiences for Teachers- Johannesburg, South Africa

  • Dates of the trip: April
  • Course: EDCI 4700/7821
  • Contact: Dr. Iman Chahine,

Service Learning in the Dominican Republic

Student Teaching Abroad- France

  • Dates of the trip: TBA
  • Course: Practicum
  • Contact: Dr. Mary Ariail,

Language, Religion and Immigration: Comparative Multiculturalism in the U.S. and France – Paris, France

  • Dates of the trip: Maymester – May 13: classes begin, May 19: Depart for France, May 31: Return to Atlanta
  • Course: EDUC 3333/EDCU 7777
  • Contact: Dr. Gholdy Muhammad,

Study Abroad Program for Mathematics Educators – Kingston, Jamaica

  • Dates of the trip: Maymester, May 12 – 23
  • Course: TBA
  • Contact: Dr. Pier Junor Clarke,