Hero Box Instead of Carousel

Summary Message that doesn’t change much – Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, ea impetus graecis pri, semper oblique euripidis eu sea. Omnesque laboramus in nec. Tale causae vulputate eum et. Movet phaedrum consulatu has te, at per mazim consul.

Replace with carousel and/or periodically change picture/message if more dynamic content desired

News from the the CEHD main site – if the main sie has content categorized to be more specific to the department, then feed that category – Note: this is a function that we need to add to our core and department themes which is already in the Home Page Theme
Optional Highlights from Department Maintained Stories and News if available

Department Highlights

Call to Action Boxes Option 1 – Boxes with Hyperlinks (use pictures/graphics in both options to fill spaces due to different size lists) Call to Action Boxes Option 2 – Menus with Menu shortcode Either a Department Calendar or a feed from the CEHD Calendar or a combination of both – feed from main calendar and add Department Specific Events